Charles T. Fisher

  • In 1928, Charles T. Fisher of Detroit and his wife Sarah, purchased Dixiana, (which at the time was approximately 900 acres) for $240,000. Fisher, along with his brothers’, founded the Fisher Body Company which produced auto bodies for companies such as Cadillac and Ford. In 1919, General Motors purchased Fisher Body Company for a reported 27 million dollars.
  • The success the farm once enjoyed under its founder Major Barak G. Thomas was soon to replicate itself, only on a much larger scale.
  • The accomplishments of Charles Fisher in the auto industry spilled over into his Thoroughbred and Saddlebred pursuits. The list of runners produced during the Fisher era is long and distinguished, including the great Mata Hari, Sweep All, Cee Tee, Sirocco, Amber Light, Spy Song, Star Reward, and Sub Fleet.

    The Fisher Brothers’, featuring Charles Fisher center.