1890-1924 “Change of Hands”

  • Due to disappointing sale prices and unsettled debts, Major Thomas found himself forced to sell the farm named for his beloved mare. First, the farm was passed to Jacob Sechler Coxey, who only held the farm for a couple of years. Coxey is most famously known for his “Industrial Army” know as “Coxey’s Army,” who marched in Washington D.C. during the Economic Depression of the 1890s.
  • Dixiana then passed from Coxey to Major Thomas J. Carson. Carson, also a well-respected Thoroughbred breeder, produced such champions as the great sprinters Roseben and Highball. Once again though due to hard times, Dixiana changed hands after just a few years.
  • Ben Ali Haggin then acquired Dixiana to become part of his prestigious Elmendorf Farm, and for the next seventeen years, Dixiana was used primarily for crops and tobacco.