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Where blue grass and the thoroughbreds abound

And Old Kentucky friendship is still found

Where King Horse is still supreme

And the sporting life is keen

The name of Dixiana is renowned.


Here Domino was bred whose classic name

Stands foremost in Kentucky’s racing game

May the day be drawing near

When his gallant equine peer

Will yet enhance the Dixiana fame.

To Mr. and Mrs. Fisher

Easter 1930 L. J. Gallagher S. J.





March 1, 1932

Spring time sun and things a growin’

Steeds like Pegasus, manes flowin’

Sun a glintin’ cross the Elkhorn,

Makes the grim old world seem newborn.


God above and ‘neath this roof tree,

Hearts the noblest that may be

From our souls we sing “Hosanna”

Hail to thee fair Dixiana!

Mary Florence Moynihan

Joseph G. Moynihan







Derby Day at Dixiana

Lovely party at the manor

Rainy weather, fine trip

Played a little secret tip

Got wet, lost the bet

Haven’t won a Derby Yet


Judging from my heavy losses

I’m still following these horses

Some day tho’, or I’m a sinner

I’ll come down and pick a winner

And the Dixiana host

Will send that winner to the post

L. M. P. J.



There’s nothing like an evening on the Dixiana Lawn

When you’re sippin’ on a julep and a skunk comes along

In case you are from the far away city

The skunk I mean is a black & white kitty

So I grab up my gun and rush out for the kill

But my sweet little wife puts all my efforts to nil.

Ben T. Smith

[sometime between July 19-22, 1940]